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You are at a right place at a right time, its not a coincidence.
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Hello Let me introduce myself I 'am a

Numerologist, positive home energy activator,

 Vaastu coach, Meditation coachMotivational          speaker, and Your personal life coach.

 You can balance energies of your Body Mind Soul with your home & Universe with numerology as these numbers vibrate with you.

We have affordable packages to suit your needs Energy Awakening is my YouTube Channel where we share lot of useful information on numbers and energies. 

If you feel  your success is delayed, you are not making money, you don't have a good job, 

you are not happy in your married life,

your business is not doing well

please contact me for the betterment of your life on

  +61 426532555,   WhatsApp +61 416 456 555 

I love teaching people how they can transform their life with different tools. I consider myself lucky that I am in the capacity to bring happiness in peoples' lives. I am blessed with spirituality and the universe supports my good work.

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I am grateful to my mother, for her blessings and the values she imbibed in me.

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transform your life

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Numerology is the science of numbers.

Every planet has assigned a number and these planets rule us, struggle comes in our life when these numbers are not harmonious with each other.

We do a complete analysis of your name based on your DOB, and after asking a few questions we will suggest you the most fortunate name, lucky colours and lucky numbers to bring success, happiness and prosperity in your life.

It's worth doing, as it works like a miracle All my clients  have taken benefit of this, why not you. Lets book your appointment now. Email me your full name and DOB and we will do the rest.


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Life Skill

Sometimes in our life, we feel lost, we don't get the clarity to find the right answer to so many questions like what's the best career, best job, relationship problems, or how to achieve success wealth and prosperity in life?

Stress, depression ,and anxiety comes in our life when we don't get desired results. At that time if you feel you are not getting what you deserve talk to me, and we will give you clarity based on universal energies

Please note if you have any  serious mental health issues, consult your GP or psychiatrist. 


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Vaastu Consultancy

In this we give you a brief about how energies work in and around our homes. If there is any obstacle these blocked energies can hinder your relationship, happiness, health, or financial growth. You will be stuck with less cash flow or limited money in your life.

 Sometimes businesses don't make good money or job satisfaction will not be there. All these problems could be related to negative energies in your house. We check and balance your house energies and suggest you certain remedies based on your problems to bring happiness and prosperity in your life. Try and feel the experience.


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  If you do something, something will happen,
  if you do great, great will happen and
  if you do nothing nothing will happen.
               "Choice is yours"


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#numerology2023 #newyear2023 #predictions2023 Which months are going to be super lucky for you ? Which Date of births will shine in coming year ? How will your relationship be in this new year? which date of births needs more care and health precautions? Remedies on how to make it better on the basis of numerology. My purpose is to share numerology prediction, remedies and motivating learning on how to use your birth numbers numerology to enhance and make your life a better life and how numbers can bring lucky career, good health growth in business, and success in your life as per the date of birth. You can contact me if you want full numerology report for your date of birth. Mobile: 0426532555 email: My name is SARA A SHERWAL and on this channel 'ENERGY AWAKENING" I bring numerology , vastu and Motivational videos. I believe my videos are there to help you in every step of your life , to guide you and support you when you feel lost . These videos are my handwork research , experience and the knowledge I gained through books and from my gurus. Numbers are my passion and energies fascinate me . I do lot of work on universal energies , law of attractions and the thank you power . I try to bring some happiness and betterment in peoples life. My consultations are very economical so if you would like to consult me for any of the problems you are facing in your life you can cheek out my website and book your appointment accordingly. ENERGY AWAKENING YOU TUBE CHANNEL Subscribe to my channel if you want to transform your life. The information on this YouTube Channel and the resources available are for educational and informational purposes only if you want specific answers based on your DOB you can send your enquiry on email and my consultations are very economical .
Number power

Number power

How Numerology can increase chances of your Success Welcome to Energy Awakening Are you seeking guidance, motivation, and a deeper understanding of the energies that shape our lives? Look no further than the "Energy Awakening" channel. I'm Sara A Sherwal, your host and guide on a journey to explore the realms of numerology, vastu, and meditation. Through this channel, I'm committed to sharing my passion for numbers and my fascination with the intricate energies that surround us. My videos are more than just content; they're a reflection of years of dedicated research, personal experience, and the wisdom passed down from my esteemed mentors. As an enthusiast of universal energies and the law of attraction, I delve into topics that empower and uplift. Whether you're seeking a boost of motivation or a bit of guidance during life's challenging moments, my videos are here to serve as your source of external inspiration. At "Energy Awakening," I believe that everyone deserves access to transformative knowledge without breaking the bank. That's why my consultations are designed to be economical, ensuring that anyone can benefit from the insights I have to offer. If you're facing challenges, seeking clarity, or aiming to harness the power of numbers in your life, my consultations are just a click away. Visit my website to book an appointment tailored to your needs. Get ready to awaken your energy and unlock the potential that lies within you. Subscribe, engage, and take the first step toward a more enlightened and empowered life. With energy and inspiration, Sara A Sherwal EMAIL ENERGY AWAKENING YOU TUBE CHANNEL PLEASE NOTE : The information on this YouTube Channel and the resources available are for educational and informational purposes only if you want specific answers based on your DOB you can send your enquiry on email and my consultations are very economical. We believe in karmas and the universal energies they both work together. We would like to thank YouTube , all subscribers and all those who are watching this video. For more info you can visit:
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